IP camera HikVision DS-2CD2035-I. Do-it-yourself video surveillance.

Main technical characteristics: This is, according to the manufacturer and seller, the camera that replaced the 2CD2032-I (the one that I bought 2 years ago and which still plows around the clock). Today I want to talk about the HikVision DS-2CD2035-I camera. Now a little about setting up the camera. Total darkness, camera night mode, IR on: This camera has many new features that improve functionality: support and recording of H.265, face detector, crowd detection, and other smart features. Maximum resolution 2048×1536(20 fps) (picture 4*3 ) During this time, I tried and tested many different cameras, but the products of the company Nikvision, for me personally, are the most optimal in terms of ease of use, video quality, and price (in China). The network address of my camera is by default, and in my network, what the router distributes is From the registrar, continuous recording from 6 to 22 hours, night on the move IR illumination range up to 20 m Video for beginners: Conclusion: An excellent camera, bought for reasonable (own hard-earned) money. Functions D-WDR, 3DNR, AGC, etc. Image from the registrar in our house When you enter your login and password, you get into the camera interface. You need to assign an address to the camera in this network.
Camera smart settings The instruction is completely in Chinese, a quick setting paper, a sticker, and a wall sticker for accurately drilling the wall under
a camera, a CD disk, on which I don’t know what, but most likely, the IVMS 4200 program View of the camera with the backlight turned on In fact, this is a DS-2CD2032-I camera with more recent firmware and added functions. Light from one candle, night mode of the camera, IR illumination is on: Dimensions 60.4×76.9×139.28 mm The design of the camera , in my opinion, very successful – a durable, compact, metal case, good fastening, convenient and reliable adjustment and fixation of the camera. Do-it-yourself video surveillance.

My scheme for connecting cameras in the apartment: Supports ONVIF,PSIA,CGI,ISAPI,GB28181 Network interface RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet Next, open the Internet Explorer browser (only it, otherwise there will be no image in the browser), enter a new camera address, agree to install the plug-ins necessary to work with the camera, and we get such a window with a login and password: Compression format H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG When unpacking the camera, I understood the reasons for the long delay – the date of manufacture of the cameras is 03.2016, that is, there are a lot of orders from the seller, and the cameras were sent directly from the factory (or basement) where they are assembled by hardworking Chinese. The login and password are indicated on the box in large letters, as well as an inscription so that the firmware on the camera is not updated. The network adapter is suitable from the LED strip, from routers and other equipment. Power 12V DC / PoE (802.3af) Lighting from the LED strip on the ceiling, day mode without IR illumination: I connected a camera, for example, a PSU from a scanner. Camera operation example: Day, artificial light: Power consumption up to 7 W It works with the DS-7616NI-E2 registrar of the same company without problems. On the underside of the camera there is a sticker with the name of the camera model, indication of the focal length of the lens, firmware version, serial number and a QR code Next, a few images with camera settings – everything is convenient and understandable, in Russian. Since the power supply is not included with the camera, and if you do not use PoE power, then you need to use your own 12V and 1A power supply. The easiest way to do this is with the SADPTool program. Hello, dear friends! 2 years ago I decided to install video surveillance at my home to shoot the area in front of the entrance and the front door, and I bought my first camera – Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I. I ordered the camera from an already trusted seller, and I made the order at the end of March, but the seller did not send my order for 8 days, I already started to worry, but then he sent it by SPSR mail and I received my parcel in 5 days. 4mm lens (option 6 and 8mm)( the smaller the number, the more it will fit into the frame) The camera came in a beautiful box made of good cardboard, with polyethylene foam inside to protect the camera. Matrix 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS (very important parameter!!)

IP camera HikVision DS-2CD2035-I. The correct color of the infrared light is how the camera is seen in complete darkness The camera does not differ in appearance from the previous version, except for the name on the body, in Chinese Thus began my acquaintance with the world of video surveillance. Cons: uncertainty with the camera firmware, and the service did not start on my camera


NUBWO N2 – gaming headphones with…

Ordered December 26, 2018, received January 11, 2019.
The headphones themselves are wrapped in a little bubble wrap inside the box. Also included is an adapter from 4 pins to 2 jacks – a microphone and ears.
Specifications in Chinese and English on the back Box made of very thin corrugated cardboard, with selective lacquering and silver embossing of the logo
Features with pictures on the side Just lightning fast, including holidays. There is a slight inaccuracy in the picture below. 3.5 mm jack for 4 pins, not 3 as shown. There are black and silver-gray.
Commercial packaging is rich :). Gamer ears that somewhat exceeded my expectations. I will use Skype and the like, because I don’t play games. Comfortable, lightweight and good voice quality.

NUBWO N2 – gaming headphones with 4 pin 3.5 mm jack (or optionally with USB)

The adapter and the foam nozzle for the microphone are in a PE bag. Who would have doubted. Full track The courier brought home. The USB version has a super-mega feature – LEDs shine from the ears! Cool! I was embarrassed and took silver ones with a jack. Group transport packaging – gray PE bag and many layers of white foam There is a 3.5 mm jack and USB – a total of 4 options. Conditionally suitable for music, not suitable for classical music.


Soldering iron tip 8-15 W for an old “vape”…

Soldering iron tip 8-15 W for an old "vape" – could it be like that?!

I chose a simple design without frills, all I need is you need to occasionally solder something small, in hard-to-reach (with a stationary soldering iron) places: My vape, it looks deplorable in the photo, but in reality it’s just varnish of tears … and the battery, it seems that it’s “current” – I think it’s enough for the first time, play around As a result, at a power of 12W, it became comfortable to solder small things with flux – it heats up faster, brass is wetted with solder normally, plus there is a small margin of up to 15W … it remains only to replace the battery if necessary and my 10 minutes will last up to ~ half an hour of normal soldering) $ 3 is not a pity at all, a sting takes place in everyday life, especially for those who still have modules from an electronic cigar. Hello everyone. The idea itself is interesting, although the battery is already breathing its last and convenience seems doubtful, but the process has been launched from the many proposals under consideration on Ali, with interchangeable heads and power up to 50 watts … In general, since the vape turned out to be quite alive, I ordered a tip with a 510 thread, to play around with the “soldering iron” … I also did the right thing, that I didn’t aim for more nozzles (and I already had, I almost paid for it) – for my scenario, this was enough. Thank you all for The resistance of the tip is about 2 ohms. on the spare "wick" during inspection, defects were found in two places – it looks like a marriage "in load" to the main one is given, you can’t check it right away Therefore, before using it, you need to reduce the power of the vape from my maximum 75W to 8-15W regulated by the manufacturer, I chose 8 for aiming. soldering, the automatic vape also determined the resistance and it even soldered, however, it doesn’t give a very high temperature and the battery sits down in minutes raised it to 10W and the temperature reached 260-280 ° C, it’s easier to solder As soon as I started soldering, I was in for a small surprise – a 10 second vape limit for heating, which does not allow soldering everything in a row It seems that without interfering with the vape firmware, it will not be possible to remove the restriction, therefore, I am gaining the skill of restarting the timer by pressing the button a little earlier) They sent a sting … and they liked the execution and quality right away, the kit has a spare heating element and it doesn’t look like wild handicraft, everything is as promised, there will definitely be no problems with compatibility. sides, and the mating pin of the connector, are aligned exactly As a piece of junk, they threw a vape with the remnants of e-liquid and a battery… but what to do with it? after all, not in Germany – "spermühl" is alien to us, and far from everyone decides to inhale this slurry into themselves.


0.9″ LCD Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter…

I have been using this device for more than 3 months, from the advantages I can note that in addition to playing USB flash drives, SD flash drives also play quietly, which are inserted into a special connector, it also has a 3.5jack input, which allows you to connect an MP3 player or phone . 2) the remote only works directly to the transmitter 4) plays by folders 1) high-quality sound 1) flimsy case (it looks flimsy, but nothing has broken yet) 2) presence of an equalizer The sound quality leaves a pleasant feeling. in my old CD player, that discs, that mp3 320kb / s through the translator, there is no noticeable difference. the sound will be capacious and deep, the bass is well transmitted. which are low and which are high. The setup is quite simple and intuitive, unlike cheaper models, there is a wide enough range of bands here to comfortably listen to music, and not the hiss or echoes of radio stations broadcasting on the same waves … 5) presence of a screen 3) track memory advantages:

0.9" LCD Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter (SD/USB/3.5mm)

Among other things, there is also an equalizer. with 5 presets. when switching modes, the sound changes its sound significantly … the FM transmitter also remembers the last played track


Chinese i7S TWS headphones with a docking station. AirPods…

They cannot withstand such a load. I chose the color not classic white, but with a pattern.
Headphones charge in just over an hour (approximately 1h 10m). The sound guides are covered with a thin white mesh made of rag material. When used as a headset, only one earbud works – the right one. The volume is high, but at the maximum level they begin to wheeze a little.
The box was a little wrinkled, but the contents were almost intact.
Well, this is what the original Apple AirPods look like, priced at $200. This is where the similarities end, as does the price. The contents were not protected in any way by the bubble wrap. There are traces of casting and not quite even sizing of the case. In big ears they sit well, do not fall out when walking and moving. The docking station itself is made entirely of plastic with a combination of a blue pattern and a white background. The original product from apple costs almost $200, and these $5-13, depending on the greed of the seller. The kit includes the docking station itself, two headphones, a charging cable and instructions in Chinese. In this case, with blue patterns on both the charging itself and the headphones. The model is referred to as i7S TWS, has a 65mAh battery in each ear and a 450mAh battery in the docking station. You can choose with the flag of Russia for example or Germany)).
The appearance of the ears is very simple. I have nothing to measure the capacity yet, but the manufacturer claims 450mAh. In a noisy place, you may not be heard)).
The parcel arrived in a "garbage" bag, even with the same color. As for the sound. I ordered more out of curiosity, so to speak, look, listen)). The original ears from apple, as I know, they are metal. They have 65mAh batteries.
The lid is a little scratched, probably on the road it fought and rubbed against the plastic tray.
Specifications from the box. A full charge is enough for about 3 hours of talk time. The sound quality, it seems to me, is more suitable for listening to some kind of speech (telephone conversations, audio books, YouTube). They can be stored there as well as recharged.
The dimensions are not small, the case is 50mm long and 20mm wide.
They are charged through the docking station, which itself is connected via the microUSB input to any power source. Again the same plastic with combinations of a pattern and a white background. /> Both headphones are inside the box. AirPods at minimum.

But it is not quite conveniently implemented, you need to get used to it. But this does not affect the work from the word at all.

Chinese i7S TWS headphones with a docking station. On the Internet, you can also find the i9 model, I wonder what is the difference between them. The button can switch tracks, pause. Bass is almost non-existent, mids and highs predominate. When talking, i.e. The sensitivity of the microphone is average. Finally, these headphones have arrived, which in their appearance are very reminiscent of expensive Apple AirPods. On the front side there is a small on and off button, one LED is on when charging and one is on when power is being released. At the bottom there is a charging port and a microphone output, on the side there is a call / music control button and a compensation hole. It’s stereo here, thanks of course for that.
Everything looks cheap and Chinese, especially those rustling transparent bags. When listening to music, the time is reduced to 2-2.5 hours.


Kairui HC-002 cordless hair clipper

The indicator never went out, or my knowledge of English let me down, or the declared function does not work. My home hairdresser – older brother, tortured by Happy King, was happy to work with this machine. And here I immediately want to recall the information content of the indicator. A "hard four" rating was issued. However, I’m not a fan of parsing normally working things.
Comb, knife oil and cleaning brush included. I spoke with the author. You can cut your hair in the shower, you can wash the knives under running water. In a fully discharged machine, it did not burn during operation.
On the back of the box is a listing of the main advertising characteristics of the product. They are attached to the white plastic pins protruding from the sides of the machine. You can see the Phillips screws in the recesses, but none of my many screwdriver sets could hook into them. The length of the machine is 185 mm, the diameter at the widest point is 41 mm.
In the tail of the machine is a connector for the power cable. JPG” /> The resource has a review of a similar model HC-001 The results of cutting with a nozzle 7 mm. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules So that the machine is not bad, but far from ideal, it’s up to you to buy it or not. I doubt very much that it would be possible to immediately work with a machine in this condition.
Power supply with European plug. Here it is the lower part of the machine, naughty three bolts and an inscription about 8 hours of charge. But excuse me, I did not do this, brushing is enough for me. Knowing that such batteries take a long time to charge, I charged the machine for 1.5 days. I also could not disassemble the typewriter. /> After 4 hours, the machine stopped. I was already thinking about going to the store and buying Philips, like all normal people. And most importantly, a haircut.
The whole set is covered with an insert made of transparent plastic. So I tried to find myself something cooler and more expensive than the previous typewriter in the Chinabay store. Promised one knife made of titanium alloy, and the second of ceramics.
The side of the box is decorated with another advertising nonsense, and some technical characteristics. Judging by other reviews, there are 2 AA Ni-Cd batteries with a capacity of 600 mAh each inside. But desires do not match opportunities. The noise and vibration level of the machine is moderate, not annoying.
During operation and while charging, the red power indicator is on. Weight
160 g. Judging by the review, a good machine. There’s a lot of hazard warnings on the front pages. New batteries can allow the machine to work for quite a long time on a single charge.
This is how the pins on which the nozzles are attached look like. Someone else’s positive experience instills optimism in me. Sorry for the hairs, I thought I cleaned it well.
The first of the nozzles is used for the resulting hair length in increments of 4-7-10-13-16 mm.
Remembering the recommendations about using the machine / trimmer in the shower, the manufacturer reminds you not to immerse the power supply in water.
The platform next to the knives is plastic.
I examined them better and noticed that the contacting working surfaces of the knives are silvery, that is, the declared titanium coating is mainly of a decorative function.
Everything looks quite "civilized" and neat. On / off button and a ring that regulates the amount of nozzle extension. The knife block can be removed for easier cleaning. After I got acquainted with a terrible machine under the Happy King brand (I don’t know if this is an original or a fake), I lost the desire to cut my hair with Chinese hairdressing accessories. The lower knife is covered with a yellow coating, possibly titanium. The case is made of smooth black plastic. And as I understood from the phrase in clumsy English, after the battery charging is over, the indicator will turn off.

Kairui HC-002 cordless hair clipper discharge the machine completely and charge it again. It turns out its meaning to show only the full discharge of the batteries, in my opinion, is rather stupid.
In addition, the kit comes with an instruction in English. Second attachment for 18-21-24-27-30mm (camera didn’t want to focus). He uses his Kairui as a beard trimmer, and after over a year of use, the device hasn’t broken down and works flawlessly.
It looks elegant, but does not contribute to a confident hold in the hand.
According to some authors of, there are only two Chinese companies in China that are not inferior to well-known world manufacturers – FLYCO and KAIRUI. Not to say that she cuts perfectly, but quickly and confidently enough. As a result, although the parcel arrived relatively quickly, it lay in the post office for 10 days. Impressions from the machine were twofold. Let’s summarize. By the way, this photo shows that the front plastic is not homogeneous, but translucent and decorative elements shine through it. Still, I do not like the discrepancy between reality and the manufacturer’s advertising statements. Let’s finally look at the machine itself.
Inner. Chinabai took the path of austerity and sent me a package without a tracking number. Therefore, today we will get acquainted with the machine of the middle price category from the company Kairui.
There are not many controls at all. Among the advertisements, it is mentioned that the machine can be powered not from batteries, but from the mains. And what about the knives, specifically so lied. It is easy to clean the knife block from hair, it cannot be compared with the King’s foam pad. It turns out that we have a product of a venerable Chinese brand.
Nozzles included 2.
And at the bottom there is already an inscription that the blades are made of stainless steel, and do not need user settings. The budgetary level of production spoils the impression of the typewriter. What a relief, because I didn’t train as a blade adjuster 😉 The product was provided for writing a review by the store. But then I came across a review of a Chinese cordless machine, with a titanium coating on a fixed knife, and with a ceramic top knife.
Let’s look inside the typewriter. The machine is packed in a pretty nice box.
In the instructions, it is recommended to fully charge the machine before use. Even the offline Chinese Scarlett and Vitek are more accurate. I scanned only the useful part. Judging by the inscriptions, the main advantage of the machine is water resistance. I am afraid that the nozzles can quickly break at the junction.
A couple more photos. Even if we interpolate that the machine will work 2 times less with knives and with a load (on the store page, the operating time is 120-150 minutes), then this is still a worthy result for home use. This is done quite simply, you just need to push the knives in the direction away from the body from the machine. This space is recommended to be washed under running water. Here, you can see that the lower knife is not completely yellow.
Moving parts made of metal, I hope this will have a positive effect on
resource. Of the pluses – she cuts, and quite well.


Overview Elf Bar RF350 Refillable…

Then go to the "Show Content" page. Traditional information for vape haters: In the upper right corner of the page, click on "Settings". Hello everyone Weight: 20.2g Charging : USB Type-C, 5V/1A

Dimensions: 102.5mm*18.9mm*11.4mm Material: PC ABS, PCTG Capacity: 1.6ml A new product called Elf Bar RF350 Refillable Pod Starter Kit fell into my hands. Information for those who do not want to see reviews of electronic cigarettes in their feed In the window that opens, select "Electronic cigarettes" and click on the "save settings" button. As they say in other reviews of electronic cigarettes, if you are not interested in this topic, and even more disgusting, just do not go into the review. Evaporator resistance: 1.5Ω

********************************************* ********************************************* I have tested this pod a bit and am doing a review. Complete set: Battery: 350mAh

Overview Elf Bar RF350 Refillable Pod Starter Kit (electronic cigarettes)

Packaging USB Type-C cable

Elf Bar RF350 with preinstalled cartridge And if you still came, then do not write angry comments against the bathers.

This way you will keep your peace of mind. Thus, you will keep the peace of mind of other Muscovites who are more loyal to this topic. />As expected, I start with characteristics: User manual After the done actions, you will no longer see material that is unpleasant for you.